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Back Pain

Back Pain

Back Pain Treatment

Back pain is a common complaint. Four out of five people in the India will experience lower back pain. People loose work, become less productive and also have many social and psychological problem due to chronic back pain.

The good news is that, most back pain is preventable and treatable. Simple home treatment and proper body mechanics will often cure your back within a few weeks without any recurrence.

Surgery is rarely needed in back pain treatment. When back pain does not subside within 3 months, it becomes chronic back pain. It may be mild nagging pain or severe pain. Most common causes for your back pain may be facet joint pain or herniated intervertebral disc (slipped disc). 

Patient experience post vertebroplasty


 Causes of Lower Back Pain

  1. Bulging Or herniated (slipped disc)
  2. Sciatica - Herniated disc pressing over the nerve going to your leg causing sharp shooting pain the back & leg.
  3. Arthritis - It can lead to narrowing of the space around the spinal cord called spinal canal stenosis. This can cause back & leg pain.
  4. Structural irregularity - Your spine may have abnormal curvature either side to side or excessive curve in front/ back.
  5. Osteoporosis can cause vertebra fracture & can cause back pain. common in old age.
  6. Rare causes include Cancer, infection, cauda equina syndrome.

Contact your physician immediately when you have constant unrelieved pain, pain going in legs specially below knee, causing weakness & numbness, or loss of bowel / bladder control, follows fall or trauma, associated with abdominal pain or fever or associated with unexpected weight loss.

Lower Back Pain Symptoms - What are they?

Features, signs and symptoms in a patient with lower back pain which indicate serious spinal pathology,


  1. Previous history malignancy (however long ago)
  2. Age 16< or >50 with NEW onset pain
  3. Weight loss (unexplained)
  4. Previous longstanding steroid use
  5. Recent serious illness\
  6. Recent significant infection


  1. Saddle numbness (around anus and testicals)
  2. Reduced anal tone
  3. Hip or knee weakness
  4. Generalised neurological deficit
  5. Progressive spinal deformity
  6. Urinary retention


  1. Non-mechanical pain (worse at rest)
  2. Thoracic pain
  3. Fevers/ rigors
  4. General malaise
  5. Urinary retention

When to investigate RED FLAGS-

Very Urgent - when red flags present, and in patients with non-red flag sign situation common investigations done are -

  1. Complete Blood Count,
  2. Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR),
  3. C-reactive protein (CRP),
  4. Serum Calcium (Ca2+), Vit D levels
  5. Blood urea nitrogen
  6. serum Creatinine
  7. Prothrombine time / Partial Prothrombin Time, International normalised ratio (PT/PTT/INR)
  8. Plain xray particularly osteoporosis / infection
  9. MRI
  10. PET Scan
  11. CT scan

Special Investigations in pain clinics -

Diagnostic Injections in spine can be done to establish the cause of your pain. Few tests done are - 

  1. Selective root or transforaminal Epidural steroid injections,
  2. facet joint or its nerve block, if positive then treated by radiofrequency ablation (RFA),
  3. Provocative discography, and if its positive than treated with Percutaneous Disc FX Discectomy, Dekompressor / ozone discectomy, Percutaneous endoscopic transforaminal discectomy.

Pain physicians at PCI are pioneer and leaders in these advanced minimally invasive techniques with more than 15000 procedures already being performed in last 19 years.

These procedures can cure patients and proven to be successful in avoiding surgery in almost 95% cases.

Surgery for spine pain is the last resort therapy and can be avoided in majority of patients with interventional pain procedures.

Surgery is only indicated when there are RED FLAG signs.


Pain Clinic of India • Lower Back Pain Testimonial

Lower Back Pain Testimonial

"Since december I started to feel the pain in my lower back. Initially for the pain I took medications from my family doctor. In May month the pain got worse, I was unable to stand, sit and even sleep properly. On doctor’s advice I got my MRI scan done. the doctor told me that I have reduced gap (herniated disc) in my vertebrae. The doctor recommend me to consult Pain specialist at padma spine and pain center (Goa Branch of Pain Clinic Of India Pvt. Ltd.) and show the MRI reports to them. The Dr. Vicky Nevagi Pain management specialist from Pain clinic of India advised me to go for minimally invasive endoscopy treatment.First they started the treatment with medications and physiotherapy for back pain. They gave me a test injection to know if pain gets relieved, after the injections I got relief from unusual sensations in legs and back pain. I decided to go for endoscopy as I wanted permanent cure. Endoscopic stitchless discectomy operation has been performed by the specialists at Pain clinic and after the operation I could lift my leg as usual without any discomfort. There was great relief in my leg and back. After 1.5 months they told me to get physiotherapy treatment. I got the treatment over two weeks and tI felt very great. The improvement is almost beyond belief. Thanks Dr. Nevagi and staff at Pain clinic of India !!"

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Eligibility - Post graduation in Anesthesiology, Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, and Radiology

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