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I had cancer of tongue. which was operated and I have taken chemo and radiotherapy. my cancer is healed but I have lot of deformity of the face due to surgery. Now I have pain in the jaw, tongue and face including headache. It was very severe and I could not sleep at night for many months.I was referred to pain clinic by my cancer surgeon. At pain clinic I was re-assured and was started on morphine and other drugs. In few days my pain reduced by 50% and I could eat something. Sleep improved. He adjusted my doses during each visit and this helped me a lot. He said I may need some nerve block but fortunately drugs did a trick for me and I am better with medical treatment. Thank you Pain clinic for your support
Date of Posting: 22 February 2016
Posted By: Akash S.
Cancer of tongue operated and now have pain, Mumbai
I am very much overweight and have severe knee, back and shoulder pains. I was referred to pain clinic of India by one of my friend who took treatment here and felt very good. I was not able to walk or stand without support. My knee used to hurt a lot. Back and shoulder pain were comparatively less.Dr. Examined me and informed me that there is osteoarthritis of knee and pain is because of that. Dr. suggested me that I need to undergo prolotherapy to strengthen my knee and also it will help in regeneration of tissues. Since I was against surgery (as suggested by few doctors I met earlier) I happily agreed for the same. I took prolotherapy in both my knee. At 2 months post injection I am feeling almost 50% better. Hopefully with next 1-2 injection I will feel almost normal. I suggested this treatment to my relatives and friends.
Date of Posting: 22 February 2016
Posted By: Siratunisa Khan
I was suffering from severe back and leg pain with foot drop on left side. I was not fit for surgery due to cardiac problem. I came to know about Pain clinic of India through my employer. Dr. Kailash Kothari examined me and seen my all reports including MRI. He suggested me ozone discectomy with epidural injections at 2 levels. I was not sure if this will work for me. But as I was in bad pain and no choice left, I decided to go for it. After 8 days post the treatment I started feeling good pain relief in my back and legs, my foot drop also improved by 30%. I could walk much better. After 4 weeks he advised 2nd epidural injection and I took it. Now I am having good life at 6 months post injection and with very little pain. I am on occasional medicines for pain. I am very happy that I decided to go for pin management therapy at pain clinic.The Staff at Clinic is very supportive.
Date of Posting: 15 February 2016
Posted By: Mrs Jhaliyadevi Pandit
I was detected with ankylosis spondilitis in 1994. I consulted many doctors but all said that there is neither cure nor treatment. Slowly I started bending from vest and had immense pain and my both shoulders were fixed and couldn't do any movement. At that time I came to know about Dr Kailas Kothari who was visiting Akola. So I consulted him and he studied my case and MRI, X RAY Reports suggested me about RFA (Radio Frequency Abilation). After 15 days he came from Mumbai along with his portable machine to Akola only for my sake. He treated my "lumbar spine facet joint" for nearly 3 hours. Because of the treatment my pain slowly reduced and my back bending was gone. Today also there is stiffness in my back but in past 6 years don't have any kind of severe pain. This all credit goes to Dr Kailas Kothari, because no doctor travels such long distance along with a portable machine for the sake of single patient. Also today even money can't cure anything. I really thank him for being very kind and gentle towards me. Hats of to Dr Kailas Kothari who is changing lifestyle and bring smile back once again.
Date of Posting: 30 October 2015
Posted By: Vijay Nimbolkar( retired)
I used to suffer form acute migraines for over 10 yrs.I had tried every possible treatment and medications.In fact some medications were also causing memory loss.Then i met Dr.kailash kothari in 2013 and he explained me about cervical headache originating from my neck. He first gave me a nerve block test injection over my neck which gave me instant relief.But within 2 weeks the pain was back .Then he recommended a radio frequency nerve ablation treatment .That treatment was the best thing that happened to me .No more medications and no more migraines.I only get my migraines before my periods now .But i'm not complaining ,since earlier i used to get it almost everyday.This treatment has truly been a blessing in my life.I am so much more energetic and lively and full of enthusiasm now.Life is very different when you no longer get migraine.Thank you doctor.
Date of Posting: 14 September 2015
Posted By: Shilpa Anand(actres)
I had developed pain in my right knee due to early osteo-arthritis, my sister advised me to take advise from Dr Kothari.
He treated me with medicine & explained me about treatment called Prolotherapy. I decided to go for it as I felt satisfied with his explanations. During my next visit he gave me Prolotherapy injection in my right knee. It worked very well for me and today I am free of pain.
I thank whole team for making me pain free.
Treated for Right Knee osteoarthritis August 2015
Date of Posting: 04 September 2015
Posted By: Miss Binaifer Billimoria
I was suffering from very severe Low Back Pain (Scitica / Facet Joint) for around Five (5) years. 
I was given only painkillers by different doctors, I tried accupuncture but didn't help much & pain contiuned.
Then I came to know about Pain Clinic of India & Dr kailash Kothari Through A Family Friend. I underwent few investigations including MRI. He explained me what is the root cause of my pain. He was the first one to identify that something is a cause of pain. He told me that it’s my facet joint which is causing the pain. After Dr Kothari performed test injection I felt very good and subsequently he performed RadioFrequency Abalation Procedure, I found a lot of Relief.
This helped me to walk properly & venture out of the house. I am very happy with the treatment, personal care of the PCI team.
Treated for Lumbar Facet joint pain November 2011
Date of Posting: 04 September 2015
Posted By: Miss Monaz Billimoria
I had been suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia on the right side of my face since 2007-08.
Since then i had tried a lot of things like acupressure, acupuncture, ayurvedic, homeopathic, Unani, innumerable Allopath physicians and consulted quite a few Neurologists. But there was no letting up from the Trigeminal Neuralgia.
Fortunately for me, i came across Pain Clinic Of India at apollo spectra where they directed me to Dr. Kailash Kothari, MD.
I Met the Doctor on 8th of August 2015 . He heard me very patiently, explained what are the procedures available that could be done, making me feel comfortable and assured.
A procedure/surgery called RF ablation was fixed up for 10th of August. I must admit that this was one of the best decisions I took on the doctors assurance. The procedure involved injection under short general anesthesia which was very comfortable and painless. I was assured and comforted by PCI team right from pre operative time and also the post procedure/operative care. ( it was a short hospital stay till late noon/evening).
I was free from the pain after the procedure. Â I recommend Dr. Kailash Kothari and team for pain management.
Date of Posting: 31 August 2015
Posted By: Mr. Nasrullah Khan
hello , I had knee injury in 2005 while playing cricket. It was in right knee. I always had pain in my knee but used to have painkillers. As time passed pain also aggravated. Slowly my knee started locking while doing daily chores. It was so embarrassing as it used to happen even in public places. Then I went for doing MRI of my right knee. Which showed grade 3 miniscule tear. Then my dad suggested me to consult Dr Kailas Kothari sir. Because he was the only person who relieved my dad out of pain. On Aug 31 I consulted him and he studied my MRI and suggested me "prolotherapy". And it's results are amazing. I can now walk for a long distance, can do daily chores normally and even there is strength in my knee and leg and most importantly there is no pain. This has become possible only because of one person, Dr Kailas Kothari and Pain Clinic India who have brought smile on face once again.
Date of Posting: 05 August 2013
Posted By: Rupesh Nimbolkar(student)
In October 2015, my mother Mrs Stella Noronha, aged 66 was diagnosed with liver cancer (stage 4) with a metastasis growth in the form of a tumour around her right hip region spread across the right pelvis. The oncologists had stated that she would not live for more than 6 to 9 months. The pain at this stage of cancer is enormous and we could sense that when she used to continuously cry out of pain in her right hip resulting in many a sleepless nights. There is nothing we could do to save her and therefore out entire focus turned to palliative care and pain management and we were looking out of options that could give her relief from pain and improve her quality of life as long as she lived.The oncologists did suggest fentanyl patches however the extent of pain was much greater than what these patches could control.

While searching for other options on the internet, I read about Dr. Kailash Kothari and his clinic, Pain Clinic of India. The website had detailed information about management of cancer related pain which based on my experience I can say that the oncologists may not necessarily be aware of. I visited Dr. Kailash Kothari and after looking at all the reports he suggested that we do a nerve block wherein after the procedure the pain causing nerves would no longer be able to relay pain and the effect could last for three to four months.

The nerve block procedure was conducted on 12th October 2015 and today, i.e. after a little over two weeks, I see that the results are fantastic. Immediately after the process my mother was on a low dosage of oral morphine i.e. 5mg a day however that was required as the nerve block process to take full effect I was informed by Dr. Kothari that it may take about two weeks. She does not take morphine or any other kind of pain killers and still sleeps well without complaining of pain. She does complain of little pain when moved but not when she is stable. We did experience the side effects of fentanyl patches and oral morphine i.e. itchy feeling, rashes on the body, constantly being in semi-conscious state affecting appetite and acute constipation. However without these and with the nerve block process which now appears to have taken full effect, she is very comfortable as she sleeps well, is alert when awake, appetite is good, no other side effects such as rashes etc and motions are regular.

It is sad that my mother will not live for long, however to see her comfortable as long as she does is a huge consolation.

I feel extremely grateful to have met Dr. Kailash Kothari and wish to thank him for having recommended and conducted the procedure on my mother which has resulted in her having a much better quality of life.
Date of Posting: 03 August 2013
Posted By: Stella Noronha

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