Posted By: Mrs. Usha Sakhalkar.

Date of Posting: 20 February 2017
I was in excruciating pain in my both legs and knee since August 2016. I first consulted orthopedic surgeons. On examination and MRI scan he told me that I have canal stenosis and referred me to Dr. Manjiri Ranade at Pain Clinic of India, Thane. I am known diabetic patient and that time could not even walk for 5 minutes. All my routine daily activities were standstill. After exmaining me and my MRI scan Dr. Manjiri explained us in details about my disease and its treatment. She told me that I may need minimum 2 injections in my back near nerve root and platellet therapy for my knee pain. She also told me that I may get partial relief after first injection.
With Dr. Manjiri's explanation and reassurance me and my family members were relived of our tensions and decided to follow he advice.
I underwent first injection in last week of August 2016. Frankly after first injection pain relief was only 50% and I was slightly disappointed. But Dr. Manjiri and her team reassured me and I took second dose of injection (epidural cortisone) and platellet knee therapy after 6 weeks of first injection.
In between did physiotherapy treatment with Dr. Priya at same place. With all this treatment after almost 2 months of first visit to pain clinic I am 90% better and still pain free even after 6 months of treatment. Now I can walk even for 45 to 60 mins without any discomfirt or pain. Before this I never knew about this kind of treatment. Now I tell all my family members about this treatment.
Thanks to Dr. manjiri and her team at pain Clinic of India, Thane Branch for bringing my routine life back.
Posted By: Mr. Abdul Qureshi

Date of Posting: 01 February 2017
I was having severe back and leg pain for 1year. I was not able to walk even few steps and felt weak legs. On MRI I was told by spine surgeons that my nerves are compressed due to slipped disc. I was advised spine surgery. I have seen very bad results with spine surgery in my friends and relatives so me and my wife were totally against it.

I came across pain clinic of India through one of my friend who had similar problem and got completely cured with simple injections at PCI. When I met Dr Kothari, he gave me hope that the problem can be solved with injections and physiotherapy. I agreed and went for the injection immediately. Very next day I got injected (epidural injection). I immediately felt huge difference in my pain and functions. My pain was 90% less. I was put in physiotherapy for 2 weeks. It's almost 4 months now after the treatment, I am completely painfree, except some pain in the back on more exertion.

I am thankful to team of PCI specially Dr. Kothari who gave me new Painfree life.
Posted By: Altaf Hussein

Date of Posting: 01 February 2017
I am a BSF soldier posted in Kashmir in tough situations. I started getting severe shooting pain on my face in last 4months. I was not able to talk, ear, brush, even open my mouth during severe pain. I was having trigeminal neuralgia. On MRI I was told by neurosurgeons that my nerves is being irritated by a vascular loop. I was treated with medications which gave me good relief but in last one month I started getting pain again. I was given higher doses of medication and that caused lot of sedation and other side effects. I was referred. Y my neurologist to Dr Kothari at pain clinic of India. Dr Kothari informed me about treatment called RF Ablation which may give long term relief in my pain. I was advised some blood investigations and next day RFA was performed under local anesthesia. My pain is gone immediately post procedure. My mediCations were stopped. Now I can do my duty without any drug side effects.

I am thankful to Dr Kothari and recommend the treatment to anyone having trigeminal neuralgia.
Posted By: Nancy Syed

Date of Posting: 05 January 2017
My name is Nancy, and I am a Registered Nurse working in St.John of God, Subiaco, Australia.
6 months back, I had having severe pain in my heel, which my GP Doctor said it was plantar fasciitis, and prescribed me pain killers,
It didn't help me at all, one morning I couldn't keep my heel on the floor when I woke up, I had to see podiatrist urgently that day, He did acupuncture and strapped my foot for a week, pain was there , but it was less,but the day the sticky straps came out, pain was worse, It was really bothering me as I work in operating theatre and it was difficult for me to stand even for few hours, I was on sick leave for few days,
Finally I came on emergency leave to India, and I saw Dr.Kailash Kothari from Pain Clinic of India, Chembur,
Dr. Das from Ireland had recommended Dr.Kailash to me.
Couldn't imagine when I visited pain clinic of India Chembur, everything was so quickly diagnosed, Dr. Kailash wrote an Xray for me, which was done in an hour , and He could see the problem I had spur, which was causing pain,
He gave me injection in my heel area,
After injection I had pain for a week, and after that week, pain was completely gone.
I work 10 hour shift for 4days in a week, and there is no pain.

Thank You so much Pain Clinic of India for the excellent care and treatment .

I really don't have words to express my gratitude.
It means so much to me.

Thank you seems like so little to say God Bless You Abundantly, Dr.Kailash and Pain Clinic of India.
Posted By: Anthony D'souza

Date of Posting: 05 January 2017
I Anthony D'souza, 7years ago all of a sudden I had pain, tingling, numbness, burning sensation in my right side.MRI showed that I had some cysts in my spine , I was seen by top neuro surgeon in Hinduja Hospital , and I was told that surgery involves lot of complication, so I cannot be operated and was left on pain killers.
life was not the same, it was miserable I couldn't sleep at night, due to the pain ,and all the symptoms,
then I went to the massage therapy, there was no relief , only made it worse,
last month my daughter took me to pain clinic of India as Dr.Das had recommended Dr. Kailash Kothari from Pain Clinic of India,
Dr.Kailash examined me and wrote MRI and blood tests, All the tests were done in few hours.
the next day I had my lumbar epidural done, it was such a relief ,as I was able to walk straight after so many years ,
after 2 weeks I had my cervical epidural done, After nearly 7 years I was able to sleep at night, and my pain is gone.

I really appreciate Dr. Kailash Kothari and his wonderful team who took the effort to listen to my pain complaints and treat it accurately.

In general when I went to Doctors they just wrote the pain killers, but I was so glad that in Pain clinic they found out the cause and also how to treat it from the root , not just superficially .

So Thankful to God , for bringing me in contact with Dr. Kailash Kothari and the pain clinic.

Dr. Kailash your profession is such a great work , there could not be anything great than taking away pain from the person who has been suffering for years.

Thank you so much.

God bless your hands with His Grace to care for many patients who have been suffering with pain.
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