Posted By : Suraj Kumar Roy

Hare Krishna! On 15-Dec-16, I had difficulty to walk and stand which I ignored and later I had trouble bending my knee. But I ignored and went on. The next day I contiuned distributing pamphlets and the knee pain only increased So I purchased knee ointment thinking this would relieve my pain. Next day morning I had oversee Newspaper insertions I was barely able to walk and my knee had swollen.

I rushed to the Residency and took rest and immediately went to physiothreapist. Momentarily, I got rid of the pain and felt better by the treatment. On Physiothearpist advice I got X-ray of my Right knee, later in report it indicated there was patellar spur. I was take complete bedrest, use crutches. Thanks to my Boss, I took bed rest. and my nature of job was changed to calling. But since I was not able to dance infront Lord Gaura-Nitai, I was very unhappy. The swelling had gone but I was not able to walk normally even in late January.

I was disgusted with physiotherapist and Orthopaedic because each had a different version for my case and everyone was hinting Surgery or Ligament Repair. I got an MRI done of my Right Knee on 6-Feb-17. And MRI Report said, Vertical tear in Anterior Cruciate Ligament(ACL) and meniscus tear. I did not want surgery. I searched on Internet and consulted many doctors online. One of the doctors suggested PRP. But he was in Delhi. Hence I searched for PRP in Mumbai and later I contacted Pain Clinic of India. And Dr.Kothari suggested two therapies Dextrose Prolotherapy and Platelet Rich Plasma injections(PRP). Since I follow Srila Prabhupada, I wanted to be sure that any therapy administered to me was purely vegetarian and Dr. Kothari assured me that Dextrose was 100% vegetarian. I took 12%, 18%, 25% and 25% of Dextrose respectively from 12-Feb-17, 6-Mar-17, 27-Mar-17 and 11-May-17. And parallely I underwent Physiotherapy treatment and INTERFERENCE Therapy, I could see the difference and I was able to walk normally. Though there is slight pain, while climbing stairs, I am far better than what I was on 16-Dec-16.

I especially thank Dextrose Prolotherapy, Dr.Kailash Kothari and all the treatments which helped me heal.

Posted By : Dr Jariwala

I am 70 Year old & pathologist by profession. I had a pyogenic arthritis of hip joint at the age of 14 years. Post surgery hip was fused & by the age of 20 I had shortening of the leg by four inches.

At the age of 27 I started getting pain in lumbar region which was progressive. All lumbar spine movements were gradually reduced by the age of 60. Pain and spasm were severe. I could not stand and walk for more than few minutes. No surgery was indicated and was advised pain management. Physiotherapy also did not help much. Facet block gave a temporary relief and confirmed facet joint arthropathy. Subsequently radio frequency was done which gave me relief for a year. Since then practically every year I have been undergoing radio frequency treatment.

This treatment gives me a relief for about a year. Procedure is not very painful. Post procedure pain lasts for about two to seven days. There is no side effect of the procedure. I am very happy with the treatment and there is no hesitation in recommending the same whenever it is indicated.

Posted By : Asha Gaikwad

Treated in March 2017. My name is Asha Gaikwad. I underwent surgery for my left lung bullae removal. After surgery I suffered severe nerve pain which was shooting from back to the front of the chest and abdomen.My surgeon gave me many medicines but all failed. My life was horrible and I wanted to die rather than suffering so much. My surgeon then referred me to Dr. Kailash Kothari at Pain clinic of India.

I went there with only one aim - to become painfree. The clinic was very calming and there was no waiting. During the first consultation Dr. Kothari explained me all about neuralgic pain and how he is planning to manage my case. I felt so much relieved by his knowledge about my condition.

He explained me that these kind of complications post thoracic surgery are common and can be managed. He started medicines for me and advised some blood tests, he performed pain management procedure called thoracic epidural injection of steroid. My pain reduced by 80% within 3 weeks.

In subsequent visits he identified some muscle pains and given trigger point injection there. Now I feel almost 90% better. I am so much thankful to my surgeon and god that my pain is gone now. I am thankful to the team of Dr kothari for curing me.

Posted By : Stella Noronha

In October 2015, my mother Mrs Stella Noronha, aged 66 was diagnosed with liver cancer (stage 4) with a metastasis growth in the form of a tumour around her right hip region spread across the right pelvis. The oncologists had stated that she would not live for more than 6 to 9 months.

The pain at this stage of cancer is enormous and we could sense that when she used to continuously cry out of pain in her right hip resulting in many a sleepless nights. There is nothing we could do to save her and therefore out entire focus turned to palliative care and pain management and we were looking out of options that could give her relief from pain and improve her quality of life as long as she lived.

The oncologists did suggest fentanyl patches however the extent of pain was much greater than what these patches could control. While searching for other options on the internet, I read about Dr. Kailash Kothari and his clinic, Pain Clinic of India. The website had detailed information about management of cancer related pain which based on my experience I can say that the oncologists may not necessarily be aware of.

I visited Dr. Kailash Kothari and after looking at all the reports he suggested that we do a nerve block wherein after the procedure the pain causing nerves would no longer be able to relay pain and the effect could last for three to four months. The nerve block procedure was conducted on 12th October 2015 and today, i.e. after a little over two weeks, I see that the results are fantastic.

Immediately after the process my mother was on a low dosage of oral morphine i.e. 5mg a day however that was required as the nerve block process to take full effect I was informed by Dr. Kothari that it may take about two weeks. She does not take morphine or any other kind of pain killers and still sleeps well without complaining of pain. She does complain of little pain when moved but not when she is stable.

We did experience the side effects of fentanyl patches and oral morphine i.e. itchy feeling, rashes on the body, constantly being in semi-conscious state affecting appetite and acute constipation. However without these and with the nerve block process which now appears to have taken full effect, she is very comfortable as she sleeps well, is alert when awake, appetite is good, no other side effects such as rashes etc and motions are regular.

It is sad that my mother will not live for long, however to see her comfortable as long as she does is a huge consolation. I feel extremely grateful to have met Dr. Kailash Kothari and wish to thank him for having recommended and conducted the procedure on my mother which has resulted in her having a much better quality of life.

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