Posted By : Mr. BaluSingh Purohit

I Mr. Balusingh Gopal Bhai Purohit male 45 years reciding at Ahmedabad. I was having headache problems from last 6 years, And I approach many doctors in Ahmedabad to relieve my pain but there was no improvement. I had taken so many medicine as per the doctors prescribed me. At the end, I approach to Neruosurgeon at Ahmedabad she suggested me for the surgery. Then I Approach to purohit Hospital to Dr. Mahesh Purohit in the month of June 2017. I explained everything about my pain. Dr. purohit and Dr. Prakash Deshmukh from the pain management they saw my file and practically they checked me and advise for MRI cervical spine and x-ray. After seeing the report Dr. Mahesh Purohit and Dr. Prakash Deshmukh come to the Conclusion that we will treat you Without surgery.

They have given me injection at that spot of pain me in my nerve route.

After that I am completely alright, feeling better and there is no complaint for the pain.

I am very thankful to Dr. Mahesh Purohit and Dr. Prakash Deshmukh.

Posted By : DR. Vrushali R Khare

Compliant of Pain is cervical region since 6 Months MRI : Shows C6 – C7 disc prolapse.I have taken treatment at pain clinic of India Kalyan branch ---- I received epidural injection 1 Month back.

Now pain has reduced above 70 %, now only exercises will settle pain completely. I am satisfied with epidural injection.

Posted By : Sukeshini throat

I was suffering from lower back pain and couldn't seat even for 10 minutes. After examining me in depth by performing MRI procedure and a small injection in the back called transforaminal, I had 50% of relief in just 20 days. And now after 1 month I'm having 80% of relief and still my treatment is going on.

मी कंबर दुखीन खूप त्रस्त होते. मला 10 मिनीटे सुद्धा बसता येत नव्हते. सरांनी MRI केल्यावर पाठीच्या मणक्यावर ईंजेक्शन दिल्यावर मला 20 दिवसात 50% फरक पडला आहे व आता मला 1 महिन्यानंतर 80% फरक जाणवतो आहे व अजून माझी ट्रिटमेंट चालू आहे.

Posted By : Kamala Hiran

I am 60 years old. I had severe back pain since last 3 years and increased in severity in last 6 months. In last few weeks I was unable to sit, walk or stand for more than 2 minutes. I visited orthopedics, neurosurgeons, Physiotherapists, bone setters, Ayurvedic and other many doctors who tried everything but to no relief. Many suggested that I need to undergo major spine surgery to fix the problem. I was really afraid as I heard many failures of the surgery in my close relatives and friends. My family was also against surgery. But due to pain the life has become very sad.

I didn't wanted to live. One day my son found pain clinic of India in internet and he contacted them. He spoke to Dr Kailash Kothari and fixed an appointment for me. I took all my recent reports with me. After EXAMINING ME IN DEPTH (no one examined me before this, everyone just looked at MRI) and looking at my MRI he said the problem can be solved without surgery and with a small injection in the back called tans foraminal epidural. Since we stay far from his clinic, and I was brought in ambulance, it was impossible for us to come back for injection.

He said since all blood tests are fine and injection is a day care procedure, he can do it immediately. We were more than happy to go for that. I took the injection done by dr kothari under X-ray guidance. To my surprise when I got up from OT table, I would feel 70% relief in my back and legs, I could wear my cloths standing immediately post injection (which was impossible before). It was huge difference.

He suggested to take one more injection after 3 weeks if pain remains. Since I had 70% relief so I took second injection. It just changed my life. Now I am pain free and almost 3 years since then I am still doing good without any damn pain.

I regret that no one told me about pain management before and I had suffer unnecessary for almost 3 years. Thank you Dr Kothari and god bless you

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