Pain Management Team - Spine specialist in Mumbai, Thane, Kalyan

Doctors at PCI

Doctors at PCI

Pain Management Team - Spine specialist in Mumbai, Thane, Kalyan

Our Pain Team

Dr. Kailash Kothari

Pain clinic Of India Pvt Ltd (PCI), Director

Course Director Fellowship in Pain Management at PCI

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Honorary Pain Consultant - KEM hospital, Mumbai

Chief Editor - Indian Journal of Pain (2016-2018)

He is specialized in Pain management and is working in this field for past 8 years. During this period he has mastered various routine & advanced pain management interventional techniques.

He has visited many pain centers & institute in USA & Europe to update his knowledge & to bring latest techniques in pain management to pain clinic of India. His special interest is managing spine pain (neck & Back Pain) by advanced non surgical methods. He has treated hundreds of patients from different part of India & abroad.

He is pioneer in introducing many advanced pain management techniques in India. He has presented his pioneered work in pain management in various national & international meetings. He was invited in India & abroad to delivered lectures & conducted various workshops. He has more than 50 presentations to his credit at national & international level. He teaches these techniques to many doctors coming from all part of India & abroad. His recent paper was published & presented at world congress on pain practice at New York organized by world institute of pain (WIP). This research was on latest technique called pulsed radiofrequency (pRF) in patients suffering from slipped disc in lumbar(back) region.

The Pain clinic Of India (PCI) is the brainchild of spine specialist Dr. Kailash Kothari. The idea is to work in association with India's some most talented & expert pain physicians, so that the patients will receive best possible international standard treatment to alleviate their pain.The aim is also to create awareness among general people & doctors about Pain management.

He is involved in study and research in pain management. He is an editor in chief for Indian journal of Pain. He is member of International association for study of pain (IASP). He is an ex-executive committee member of Indian Society for Study of Pain, Indian chapter of international association for study of pain (ISSP). He is pioneer in organizing one of the most prestigious international PAIN training programme–Comprehensive Interventional Pain Management (CIPM) course at Mumbai/Goa (annually). This trains about 70-100 anesthesiologists, orthopaedic surgeons & neurologists in latest techniques of pain management in India & abroad. He has conducted many national & international conferences in Anesthesia, Pain management & Critical Care in Mumbai. He is member of many national & international pain, anesthesia & critical care societies.

He is visiting pain consultant to Jagjivanram Western Railway Hospital & also to Bhaba Atomic Research centre (BARC) hospital, Mumbai.

Dr. Prakash Deshmukh

Pain clinic Of India Pvt Ltd (PCI)


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Dr. Prakash Deshmukh is chief Pain physician at Pain clinic of India, Kalyan. He has completed his pain fellowship (fellow of interventional pain practice ) in September 2010 Budadapest Hungary, at world institute of pain. He has completed the pain management training from comprehensive interventional pain management courses (CIPM I to III).

He Has completed a course in nerve blocks using nerve stimulator in Ganga hospital, Coimbatore. He has pioneered the use of nerve stimulator and ultrasound for various peripheral nerve blocks in Kalyan/Dombivali area. His dream is to provide pain relief to people suffering from chronic pain. He Has brought this dream into reality by starting "PAIN CLINIC OF INDIA" in Kalyan with guidance of Dr. Kailash Kothari, the first center dedicated for the treatment of chronic pain due to various causes.

Dr. Apala Shah

Pain clinic Of India Pvt Ltd (PCI)

M.D.,D.A., Consultant Pain physician

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Dr. Apala Shah is senior anesthesiologists from Seth G.S. Medical College and K.E.M. Hospital, MUMBAI. She has completed her M.B.BS in1983, D.A-1985 & M.D.-1986. She had keen interest in Pain Management & she has learnt pain management by attending cadaveric workshops at C.I.P.M. wockhardt hospital, Mumbai under guidance of Dr. Kailash Kothari. She has also learnt practical aspect of pain management & interventional pain procedures at Pain Clinic Of India. She has completed a course in cancer pain management at TATA hospital in february2008.

She has gained international experience by completing observership at SPRINGFEILD-BAYSTATE UNIVERSITY BOSTON 2008 and also at TPM CLINIC- REDDING-CALIFORNIA, 2008

Dr. Manjiri Ranade

Pain clinic Of India Pvt Ltd (PCI)

MBBS, DA, FPCI (Pain fellowship, Spine specialist in Mumbai)

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Dr. Manjiri Ranade is incharge and chief pain physician at Pain clinic Of India Pvt. Ltd (Thane branch).

She has completed her MBBS from KIMS, Karad in 1995 followed by DA also from KIMS, Karad in 1997. She has completed DNB Anaesthesia training in Bombay Hospital during 1999-2001.

She has been to UK to complete her training at NHS Hospital at Basingstoke, UK in 2003 in the field of Anaesthesia and Pain Management.

She has completed her fellowship in pain management FPCI (Fellowship of pain Clinic Of India) and refined her skills by attending CIPM Courses (Comprehensive Interventional Pain Management course)and FIPP (Fellow of Interventional pain management) Review Course in September 2010.

She has been trained in practical aspects of pain management & interventional pain procedures at Pain Clinic Of India under the guidance of Dr. Kailash Kothari.

She has been invited for various national and international conferences in India like CIPM and ISSPCON.

Her special interest is in managing spine pain, cancer pain, and joint pains.

Dr. Venkatesh Nevagi

Pain clinic Of India Pvt Ltd (PCI)

M.B.B.S., M.D (Anesthesiology), FPCI (Pain fellowship,Mumbai)

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DR VENKATESH NEVAGI is Interventional pain consultant at Pain clinic Of India Pvt. Ltd. at Margao, Goa branch.He has completed his M.B.B.S. & M.D ( ANESTHESIOLOGY) from Goa Medical college. He has completed his training under Dr. Kailash Kothari (spine specialist in mumbai) at Pain clinic Of India Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai in 2008 & now is is practicing INTERVENTIONAL PAIN for last 3 years and he has special interest in spine pain and its treatment.

He is the first and the only Qualified Pain physician in entire Goa region.

Dr. Manish Raj

Pain clinic Of India Pvt Ltd (PCI)


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Dr. Manish Raj, MD, DNB, Fellowship in Endoscopic Spine surgery (South Korea)Dr. Manish Raj is an Endoscopic spine & Pain Medicine consultant at Spinomax Pain & Spine Clinic (Associate of Pain clinic of India Pvt Ptd) . He is energetic & compassionate medical professional believes in the implementation of evidence based advanced medical technology for the treatment of human oldest nemesis PAIN.

Dr. Manish Raj is credited with starting Endoscopic Spine & pain centre in Delhi/NCR. He is one of few specialist in India performing Percutaneous Endoscopic Discectomy by different techniques ( transforaminal inside-out, outside-in, interlaminar, stenosis decompression) & Percutaneous spine fusion, ALL under local anaesthesia for better results. He has many international & national research publication on minimally invasive techniques. He is visiting faculty at medical institutions & conferences internationally. Dr. Manish also involved in advanced stage training of doctors for endoscopic spine surgery.

Recent publication: Raj M, Kim HS, Kothari K, Agarwal A, Maqsood K. Percutaneous endoscopic interlaminar lumbar discectomy for superiorly sequestrated disc L5S1: A case report with technical review. Indian J Pain 2017;31:68-72.pdf

Dr. Ruchika Sood

M.D.S (USA), Pain Fellowship (USA), Orofacial Pain & TMJ Disorders Specialist

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Dr. Ruchika Sood is in clinical practice for 14 yrs. Her speciality is Orofacial Pain & TMJ Disorders. She holds an M.D.S degree and a Clinical Fellowship in Temporomandibular Disorders & Orofacial Pain from Rutgers School of Dental Medicine. She is also a Diplomate from the American Board of Orofacial Pain (ABOP).

Dr. Sood is one of the foremost authorities in Orofacial pain management in India.

She has recently undergone a CME program from TATA Memorial to treat Cancer Pain and has also successfully completed a workshop in Comprehensive Interventional Pain Management, 2014.Dr. Sood is an award recipient at the South East Asia Regional Pain Congress 2014 for a case presentation on ‘Exercise Induced Analgesia’. She is member of many national & international dentistry and pain societies.

She has dedicated her life’s work to this cause and her in-depth knowledge and invaluable insights allow her to work with the most challenging cases.

Dr. Khushbu Jain

Pain clinic Of India Pvt Ltd (PCI)

BPT, MPT (Neuro Rehab)

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She has completed her Bachelor in physiotherapy (BPT) from Pramukhswami Medical College, Sardar Patel university, Gujarat in 2010 She has completed Master of Physical Therapy - MPT(Neuro Rehab) BPT from Sumandeep Vidyapeeth University, Vadodara, Gujarat.

She has completed specialised training for McKenzie therapy for musculoskeletal pain conditions from international McKenzie institute (Australia).

She has also completed her Training in EMG and NCV from Pramukhswami Medical college. She is known for her specialized care for patients having paralysis, Parkinson's disease, spinal cord injuries, peripheral nerve injuries, balance and co-ordination problems, joint pain.

She also works extensively at PCI for patients with spinal pains, joint pains, neuropathic pains using manual and electrotherapy techniques. She practices taping, mobilisation, dry needling, McKenzie technique along with exercise therapy with great success rate.

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