Event date:
23-03-2018 8:00 am
Event End Date:
25-03-2018 8:00 pm
Individual Price:
INR 8,000.00

Conference & Cadaveric Workshop on Comprehensive Interventional Pain Management CIPM-XII

Only Conference (23rd - 24th March 2018)
Cadaveric Workshop (25th March 2018)



In depth coverage of the interventional pain management techniques -Basic And Advanced

Renowned international and national faculties

One to one teaching

In depth dedicated lectures on interventional techniques

Practical tips

One to one interaction with faculty

Limited delegates

Lot of time for hands on practice

What is in it?

Day - I (Session - I)

Basics of Pain Pathways & Clinical Implications

Post operative Multimodal Analgesia

Peadiatric Regional Analgesia

Panel Discussion: Acute Paediatric Pain

Fall in Geriatric Patients

Pain Management in Geriatric Patients

Role of Perioperative Regional Analgesia in Geriatric Patients

Qs & As

Day - I (Session - II)

Pros & Cons: GARA: General Anaesthesia with Regional Analgesia

Pros & Cons: Role of adjuvants inRegional Analgesia

Panel Discussion: Labour Pain Management

Qs & As & Summarizing


Day - II (Session - I)

Ketamine in Chronic Pain

Understanding Mechanisms & Holistic Management of Chronic Neuropathic Pain

Transdermal Pain Relief

Diagnostic Dilemma in oro-facial pain

Pros & Cons Session: Role of Opioids in Chronic Cancer Pain

Panel Discussion: Chronic Pelvic Pain

Interpretation of MRI/CT Scans from Chronic Pain Point of view

Gross & Fluoroscopic Anatomy of lumbar Spine

Assessment of Patient with Back & Leg pain

Transforaminal lumbar epidural injection–indications, technique and complications

Lumber facet joint pain: Brief anatomy, symptoms, technique of intra articulatar joint and medial branch injections

Sacroiliac joint: Anatomy, symptoms and technique of injection

Cancer Pain: Patho physiology and general management

Coeliac Sympathetic Block and neurolysis

Lumber sympathetic Block and neurolysis

Superior Hypogastic nerve block Ganglion Impar Block

Stellate Ganglion Block

Anatomy of Cervical spine including Fluoroscopic anatomy

Cervical Epidural Injection: Indications, Technique and Complications

Cervical Facet Joint and Medial Branch Block, Symptoms, Technique

Advance Techniques in Pain Management Over View of Endoscopic Discectomy

Day - III (Session - I)

Lumbar Transforminal Epidural Injection

Lumber Facet Joint & Medial Branch Block

Lumber Intradiscal Injection

Cervical Epidural Inj.

Cervical Facet Joint Inj.

Lumber Sympathetic Block.

Coeliac Plexus Block

Stellate Ganglion Block

Trigeminal Ganglion Block

Superior Hypogastric Block

Ganglion Impar Block

Department of Anaesthesiology & Intensive care, Adesh Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (AIMSR) & Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists, Bathinda Branch, Bathinda Punjab, 151001
Bank Details
Payee Name - Anaesthesiology Conference Fund
Branch - Adesh Hospital, Bhucho Khurd, NH-7 Barnala Road, Bathinda
IFSC Code - SBIN0015977
Organizing Secretary - Prof. Mridul Panditrao (Organizing Secretary), Dr. Ankush Singla

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Event date: 23-03-2018 8:00 am
Event End Date: 25-03-2018 8:00 pm
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Individual Price INR 8,000.00

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