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About Us


"Our Purpose is to help our patients in every way we can. We help people manage their pain & resume more normal, productive lives. "To cure sometimes, to relieve often, & to support always" is our guiding principle.
Our philosophy is that the "Pain relief is basic human right. It must be treated."


Avoiding major spine surgery is the major goal while managing your spine related pain. It is good to know that almost 75% patients can avoid the surgery & get back to their normal life within few days/weeks of treatment.

Whether long-lasting or recently developed, pain can interfere with the quality of your life, restricting activity and even causing you to become depressed.

Our goal at the PCI is to identify the source of your pain, alleviate or ease the pain and teach you to manage it so you can return to a normal, productive life-style as soon as medically possible.

We believe that when you understand the nature of your pain, you are better prepared to manage it. That is why we devote ourselves to:


  • Determining the cause of your pain through simple diagnostic tests.
  • Easing or eliminating pain using state-of-the-art medical & non surgical interventional treatments thus avoiding surgery.
  • Improving functional capabilities through aggressive, personalized physical therapy programs.
  • Teaching skills that will make coping with pain easier & will help you regain control of your body & your life.
  • Managing your postures and activities in most natural way to avoid repetitive stress injuries.



Come, get treated and be a part of PAIN FREE WORLD 

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